Stand Support

Aluminum stands turn panels into a portable heater (only applicable for standard panels).




Ceiling Mounting Set

The ceiling mounting set helps in the mounting of infrared heating panels on the ceiling (only applicable for standard line panels).

Towel Rail

Towel rails can be attached to Healthy Heat’s Far infrared heating panels. Each panel can be equipped with up to 2 towel rails (applicable for all models).


Thermostat TH810

This simple plug-in thermostat can be used to control the room temperature and to create comfortable climate.

Thermostat TH4

This simple thermostat control contains of a receiver and a remote control. The main advantage of this thermostat is that the temperature sensor is integrated into the remote and this can be placed into the area/space where the heating panel operates.


White Frame Set

This frame set makes it possible to change the standard aluminum frame on the standard panels to white frames, this makes the infrared panel look uniform in colour.

Ceiling rings

These rings can be used to hang the infrared panels down from higher ceilings (an additional rope or chain is needed).


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