Cost Efficient

Tailored heating

Zone heating, the fact that you are in control of where and when you want heating means, you can save on your building’s energy usage. Because of this Healthy Heat’s Infrared heaters consume less energy than other heating systems.

With infrared heating panels it is possible to heat according to your individual needs. Due to the variable application you will receive comfortable heat, permanently or just when needed. Even in a single room several thermal comfort zones can be generated.

Costs breakdown

Initial investment and installation of Healthy Heat’s infrared heating panels is extremely moderate compared to conventional heating systems. They are free of maintenance and no further costs or replacement of parts is needed. Infrared-heaters do not require expensive piping, a socket is all you need. The installation is done with screws to the wall, ceiling or simply by attaching floor stands.

With other heating systems electricity can be wasted in the act of converting energy into heat. Healthy Heat’s infrared heating panels convert 100 % of the electricity consumed into comfortable warmth. This means that there is no wastage of electricity, leaving you with less costs and more warmth.

Research in Germany found that our Infrapower heating panels saved up to 50% when compared to other conventional heating systems. Read more

Also, our panels have been independently tested by Seibersdorf Laboratory in Austria and prove to be 18% more efficient in emitting FIR than other leading market rival.

Comfortable warmth at a lower thermostat setting

As with any form of heating, running costs will vary depending on the construction of the building, the quality of insulation, and the natural heat retention properties of the building. As soon as the infrared panels are energized, the radiant heat soaks into your walls, floor and ceiling, so that the whole surface area of the room is evenly heated.

Heat flows from hot to cold bodies. Since infrared heating panels warm the room surfaces evenly, your own body temperature tends to remain more stable. This means that although the air may be maintained at a cooler setpoint, you still feel comfortably warm.

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